(GB-EPA) tool the responsibility for Phasing-out of single-use plastics from the whole region.

Awareness Campaign in Hunza, in connection with PM-Clean and Green Pak Initiative

GILGIT: Plastic pollution is a problem that has truly “gone-global” nowadays.Pakistan has become a disposeable state during the past fee decades.
Gilgit-Baltistan once considered as pollution free and under minimum pressure is now on verge of entering into the list of polluted areas.In order to conclude this environmental menace and being felt duty-bond for the region Gilgit-Baltistan Environmental Protection Agency (GB-EPA) tool the responsibility for Phasing-out of single-use plastics from the whole region.Coming on frontline on this issue GB-EPA started working on the possibilities for more than a year to cope-up with the situation and started from scratch by giving awareness to the community, hoteliers,bazar committies and line deparments.After this the second step involved fetching of funds by approving the PC-I ( project proposal) from the Government of GB.
• After a tedious saga of events ,finally GB-EPA has came close to the objective, and is launching an opening ceremony for “Phasing-out of single use plastic/ ban on plastic shopping bags” in hunza on 21st April,2019 on pilot basis ,under the Prime Ministers Initiative on Cleen and Green Pakistan Movement.
• Till now all the technical pre-requisities for the elimination of Single-use plastic bags from Hunza have been completed by GB-EPA which includes Provision of alternatives,Rules on banning single use plastic bags,awareness material,funds,technical support ,awareness walks,sensitization to the stakeholders( i.e.Hoteliers,bazar committies and community of the region).
• District Administration was onboard for a year in making administrative arrangements, by gathering all the stakeholders on one platform,implementation of CrPC 144 and its enforcement.On the other hand KADO has its roots in the community and played its role in awareness raising,community mobilization and involving diffrently-abled people of KADO centers in prepartion of bags
• The Governmnet of GB has pledged more financial resources,strong commitment and involvement of line departments to achieve the objectives.
• Elimination of Plastic shopping bags from entire GB is the next step that will be taken by Gilgit-Baltistan Environmental Protection Agency (GB-EPA) at next level.