Aims & Objectives

To provide for the protection, conservation, rehabilitation and improvement of the environment, prevention and control of pollution, promotion of sustainable development, and for matters connected therewith and incidental thereto.

Main Functions:

The Agency shall –

(a) administer and implement the provisions of this Act and the rules and regulations;

(b) prepare, in co-ordination with the appropriate Government Agency or local council and, in consultation with the concerned sectoral Advisory Committees where established, environmental policies for the approval of the Council;

(c) take all necessary measures for the implementation of the environmental

policies approved by the Council;

(d) prepare and publish an annual Gilgit-Baltistan Environment R e p o r t on the

state  of the environment in the province;

(e) prepare or revise and establish the Gilg i t – Baltistan Environmental

Quality Standards with approval of the Council;


that before seeking approval of the Council, the Agency shall publish the

proposed Gilgit-Baltistan Environmental Quality Standards for public opinion

in accordance with the prescribed procedure;

(f) ensure enforcement of the Gilgit-Baltistan Environmental Quality Standards;

(g) where the quality of ambient air, water, land or noise so requires, the Agency may, by

notification in the Official Gazette:

(i) establish different standards for discharge or emission from different sources and for different

areas and conditions as may be necessary:

Provided that where these standards are less stringent than the Gilgit-Baltistan Environmental Quality Standards; prior approval of the Council shall be obtained;

(ii) list areas, with the approval of the Council, in which any class of activities or projects shall not be carried out or shall only be carried out subject to certain specified safeguards;

(h)establish    systems    and    procedures    for    surveys,    surveillance,  monitoring, measurement, examination, investigation, research, inspection and audit  to prevent and control pollution, and to estimate the costs of cleaning  up pollution  and rehabilitating the environment in various sectors;

(i) take measures to promote research and the  development  of science  and technology which

may contribute to the prevention of pollution, the protection of  the environment, and sustainable development;

(j)    issue licences for the consignment, handling, transport, treatment, disposal of, storage,

handling or otherwise dealing with hazardous substances;

(k) certify laboratories as approved laboratories for conducting tests and analysis and

one or more research institutes as environmental research institutes  for conducting research and investigation for the purposes of this Act;

(l)  identify the needsfor and initiate legislation in various sectors of the environment;

(m) provide assistance to relevant Federal and Provincial Government Agencies in the management of environment accidents and natural and environmental disasters;

(n) render advice and assistance in environmental matters including such information and data available with it as may be required for carrying out the purposes of this Act:

Provided that the disclosure of such information shall be subject  to  the restrictions specified in Part XI (Access to Information);

(o) within ninety days of the end of the financial year, prepare and publish an Annual Report regarding activities of the Agency during that financial year, summary of which shall be appended with the Gilgit-Baltistan Environment Report mentioned in clause (d) above;

(p) assist Government Agencies, local councils, local authorities and other persons to implement schemes for the proper disposal of wastes so as to ensure compliance with the Gilgit-Baltistan Environmental Quality Standards;

(q) provide information and guidance to the public on environmental matters;

(r)  recommend environmental courses, topics, literature and books for  incorporation  in the curricula and syllabi of educational institutions;

(s)  promote public  education  and awareness  of  environmental  issues through mass media and other means including seminars and workshops;

(t) establish and maintain mechanisms, including its own website, to disseminate information, subject to the provisions of thisAct, regarding policies, plans and decisions of the Government, the Council and the Agency, relating to the environment;

(u) specify safeguards for the prevention of accidents  and  disasters which  may  cause pollution, collaborate with the concerned persons in the preparation of contingency plans for control of such accidents and disasters, and co-ordinate implementation of such plans;

(v) review and approve mitigation plans and give guidance and directions, where necessary, relating to clean up operations ordered under this Act;

(w) encourage the formation and working of non-governmental organizations, community organizations and village organizations to  prevent  and  control pollution and promote sustainable development;

(x) take or cause to be taken all necessary  measures  for  the  protection,  conservation, rehabilitation and improvement of the environment, prevention and control of pollution and promotion of sustainable development; and

(y) Perform any function that the Council may assign to it.